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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


1. Can you provide warehouse as per our design and requirement?
Yes, we can provide customized warehouse designs

2. What is the minimum warehouse space we can ask for?
In this case, we cater to individual customer requirements and then the same is given.

3. Can you provide exclusive and independent manpower for our operation?
Yes, we can provide exclusive & independent manpower for your operations. Also if the company wishes to use shared manpower for their operations, we can provide the same.

4. Do you have trained personnel or will you train them as per our needs?
We have trained personnel in the areas of PC & Warehouse operations. 75% of our present employees have worked with us for an average period of 10+ years. If your needs are different, then the staff can be trained accordingly as per your requirements.

5. Can you attend to orders/ queries on our products from our customers and put them as to further commercial process?
Yes, the same is attended in alignment with company policies

6. What are your norms for effecting deliveries in terms of time?
With regards to the local within the city deliveries, the same can be delivered within 24 hours. With regards to upcountry deliveries, the same can be done in a period of 24/36/72 hours depending on the load and availability.

7. Can you effect deliveries to CSD, Government Departments and Hospitals?
Yes, we are providing these services to majority of our clients.

8. Can you arrange for ‘bank approved transportation’ services?

9. Can you arrange for interstate transportation?
Yes, we can arrange for the same. If your company wishes to tie-up with an interstate transporter for continuous supply/load of material in interstate deliveries, the same can be arranged.

10. Can you provide office infrastructure for our operations?
Yes, we can provide the same. We have given such infrastructure to our clients such as ASM office, Conference Rooms, dedicated computer rooms, etc.

11. Can you arrange for sales tax registration and other licences?
Yes, we have a dedicated team in place for sales tax & licensing matters, the same can be arranged.

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